Thank You

These two little words don’t really mean much when they’re said separately, but that all changes when they’re put together. Mom didn’t talk much the last few years of her life. But, two words that she never stopped saying were: “Thank you.” She said them to her caregivers and to all of her family. She was truly a kind, thoughtful, and appreciative person her entire life.

This pattern is extra special for several reasons. Not only are these two words spoken more at our deliveries than anything… by the staff members and the residents, but they’re what I say to our knitters and crocheters, time and time again. Our contributors often thank me for creating Alice’s Embrace because I’ve given them a place for them to feel like they’re doing something to help in an area where they may have previously felt helpless. When they see the photos of the recipients enjoying their new gifts, it inspires everyone to create more of these handmade comfort for these dear folks… dear folks like Mom.

When I said that this pattern is extra special for several reasons, and one of the most pertinent might be that it will be our final pattern - at least that is the plan for now. I knew that I wanted to just have 32 patterns in all because Mom was born in 1932, and I just think that that is a wonderful amount of patterns. I like order and I love that on our Patterns page there will be eight rows with four patterns in each row.


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